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How to use 'mogen' and 'gern', do both mean the same ?

It gets confusing which one is more appropriate in which situation. Kindly help me with this !

October 16, 2017



It think generally you use mögen with nouns:

Ich mag diese Katze = I like this cat

And gern/gerne with verbs:

Ich schwimme gern = I like to swim.


I agree. mögen can be used with verbs but it is fairly awkward (you need to use a subordinated infinitive clause: “Ich mag es, x zu tun.”). Better use it just with a noun as an object. On the other hand, gern can only be used together with a verb because it is not a verb itself (and thus cannot form a predicate on its own).

Also (this may be obvious but just in case): There is a difference in terms of grammar. mögen is a verb. It can (or rather has to) be conjugated to agree with the subject while the “main verb” assumes the infinitive. By contrast, gern is an adverb and can therefore not be conjugated. The conjugation is on the “main verb”.

[deactivated user]

    "mögen" is a verb which simply means "to like". "Wir mögen Bücher". "gern" on the other hand is an adverb, it specifies the actual verb. Like in

    "Er liest gern". just like "Er liest schnell" or "Er liest langsam".

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