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Keyboard UserScript

Currently, answers for most exercises can be entered with the keyboard, except the "match the pairs" and translating to Japanese by picking words in the right order.

I made a UserScript which allows solving those exercises with the keyboard too:


October 16, 2017



This is going to be really really useful if it works properly! I've hated not being able to type out some of the translation answers because I feel like I'm sort of cheating. I try to translate the sentence out loud to myself before even looking at the available answers, but sometimes you look and immediately see something that helps you more than you wanted.

Going to give this a try tonight and provide feedback if I can.


Ah, if I understand you correctly, I don't think this does what you said. You still have to choose from the tiles that are offered, but now you can do it without taking your hands off the keyboard.

I noticed that there is another userscript (Duolingo Tree Enhancer), which has a similar feature - it hides the question (not the answer tiles), maybe it wouldn't be hard to extend that to hide the answer tiles until you press something or click somewhere.


Ah, okay. Not quite what I was thinking. But still nice to minimize the amount of times I have to move my hands off the keyboard.

It sounds like it definitely might be possible, though. That's one of the biggest things this course is missing for me.


I appreciate this, thank you very much!

In the long-run though, I would strongly prefer that these exercises either be removed, or phased out in the advanced lessons (perhaps used only to teach hiragana/katakana at the very beginning), or that we be given the option to turn them off or opt-out of them and instead receive only open-ended typing exercises.

I have been holding off participating in the course any further until they introduce open-ended typing exercises, and it's frustrating to me that I've received zero word or feedback from the official DuoLingo team or staff about whether or not this is a long-term plan.

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Could you modify your script that it works with the Word Bank?


Looks like the word bank was broken in a Duolingo update. I pushed a fix.

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Thanks for fast feedback.


hey it seems to be broken again (at least in Firefox), do you plan to update it?


It's working here. (Maybe you are in an A/B test which is not compatible.)


oh sorry, I tested only on "practise" and it didn't work. it's working fine on the lessons. thanks for the script btw, it's so much better to be able to use keyboard only. EDIT: it's also working on "practise", I think I just had to restart my browser haha. EDITEDIT: the numbers are showing, but pressing 1-8 doesn't do anything

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