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Tinycards- purpose and helpfullness

Okay , so I've seen a few posts in the forum about tinycards recently, and I kinda wanna try them. But first I would like to know 1) what is their purpose and how are they used? And 2) do you find them helpful, even if its just a little? I want to try them but I'm not sure if they'll work for me. Thanks in advance! :)

October 16, 2017



Sup'? Tinycards is a vocab helper. It's a lot like duo, but they dive you little cards that you click on to flip, and you have to remember definitions. It's basically a memory game. ;D You can also make your own tinycards decks. A lot of people do historical stuff and whatnot, but I like to do Greek mythology characters, and book characters just to see if I remember them. When you go on Tinycards for the first time, they already have some decks with the languages that you are learning. Have fun! SPQR and Ciao! Warriorg315


The purpose is to memorise things. Just go on tinycards and try them.

I recommend the official Duolingo decks, and also TinyGeo, it helped me to learn the 50 US states.

If you learn Hebrew here, there are surely cards for that too. There are many users producing many-many cards, but is not easy to create a good deck. Look around and you will find good ones and some maybe-no-so-good ones.


hey can you possibly help with my hebrew?


Tinycards are fantastic; I actually learn more with them than I do with Duolingo. I've gone on further with them than I have in my daily lessons here! They're basically computer flashcards but they're really addictive and cute and fun. You can create your own decks too. You can sign up just to get a taste; it can't hurt. I think you'll love em. ;)


Awesome! Now I just need to figure out how to find them on the website on my tablet lol


I highly recommend them. I'm using the Duolingo-created Italian deck along with the Italian tree. The tinycards make you recall the Italian-English vocabulary and type the words for practice. They're really helpful!

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