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  5. Wow. This is weird.


Wow. This is weird.

I cannot tell if someone commented on my posts because my notification bell will not light up and my followed discussions never even show up. Have any ideas for me? I am open to anything. Thank you!

October 16, 2017



3 days ago:

We're still planning to fix the bell. Thanks for your patience!

Link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24701177$comment_id=24807290


Perhaps if you "Follow discussion" (upper right corner, green button) you can later find your post in your Discussion section under the "Followed" column.

Note: I changed my comment upon finding out about the broken bell problem and that it is not an A/B Test.


I just tried that, and it worked! Thank you, buck72 Do you know anything about the bell?


Lol! I didn't even see that! Thanks!


Are you still getting notifications of responses to your comments or posts?


It is a bug, the notification bell is broken.


I was wondering what was wrong too and now I know. Thanks! Although only people who follow you are recorded in the notification at the moment.


Thank you for all your help!


I'm not getting the notifications either, but I do see the followed discussions.


Yeah. Sometimes if I click the bell anyway it shows my notifications. But still, it says my last notifications were from two days ago. :(


I'm having this exact same issue! my last notification is from 2 days ago, and I know for a fact that at least two people have replied to my comments in the last hour!!


I'm having this problem too! I cope with it by checking on the discussions that I'm following just about every time I use duo lingo. I hope that they get the problem fixed soon, but I am trying to do my best as it is... They probably have lots of other things that they are doing, so I'm doing my best to be patient!


For as long as I have been on DuoLingo, I never got any replies in the notifications... seems to be after DuoLingo changed to the grey-background lessons. Though I don't think they're related.

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