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  5. "どのネクタイがいいですか?"


Translation:Which tie would you like?

October 16, 2017



Wouldn't this be better translated as "which tie is good (for you)?"


「いい」 does means "good" but in some contexts it seems to me that it's closer to "like" than to "good" or "okay".

When asking for a choice, it doesn't just means than it's okay or good enough. It means that you like it, it's the one you want.

You can also use いい for a person you like (non-romantically) or a type of food you like. 「ラーメンがいいです。」 doesn't just means "ramen is good I guess", it means "I like ramen". And using "good" to describe a person in English would almost be offensive (what? I'm just good, that's all?), in Japanese it means you like that person.

Also, I am not 100% sure, don't quote me on this, but... I "think" that, が renforces the "I like" meaning of 「いい」 and は the "it's good" meaning of 「いい」. (Edit, more on this: )

「あの先生がいいです。」(I like that teacher)

「あの先生はいいですね。」(that teacher is good, don't you think?)

If you want something, weaker than 「 いい」 I guess you could use 「大丈夫」, or use は I guess.


Actually I found more information on this: https://hinative.com/fr-FR/questions/9328567#answer-23425289 and https://japanese.stackexchange.com/a/34488

So based on this reply from a native, this is how you would respond to the question "which tie do you like?".

「そのネクタイがいいです。」 I like/I prefer that tie.

「そのネクタイはいいです。」That tie is good.

「そのネクタイでいいです。」That tie is fine/will do.

「そのネクタイばいいです。」That tie would be better.

Also explains the anime title 「妹さえいればいい」 (a sister is all you need)

Don't you love/hate particles?


Cant necktie be acceptable???

[deactivated user]

    necktie already acceptable as I answered with it


    ii desu ka Usually means something like: "is. It good is it ok?"


    This translation is a good example of how a a phrase can have a variety of meanings depending on the context. A lot of words can be omitted in Japanese that must be included in English. Unfortunately with Duo we don't usually know the context.


    Is "Which tie do you like?" not correct? Like, say you're holding two ties and you're asking someone which one he'd prefer


    I read this as "Is that necktie good?" thinking of a clerk trying to get feedback from a customer. Marked wrong.


    "Which necktie is okay" not accepted.


    Would wa instead of ga be accepted?

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