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Français general presentation


"Français" is a French club for serious learners. If you enjoy learning this very beautiful language, you can join in this club. You will find a friendly community which stimulates you to learn more and more. The most avid learners are even awarded with prizes in form of lingots.

The requirements to enter in this club:
1. Minimum level 10 on your French course
2. 10 days streak or more
3. At least 150XP/week

If you meet all the requirements, use this code to join: PSTQFW. Don't forget to share this project to your friends!

We have also a Discord server to practice our speaking and listening skills. What is Discord? Discord is a free voice chat used mainly by gamers, but it can be used in other purposes like this one. The link of this server is this.

Qu'est-ce que tu attends? Venez maintenant!

October 16, 2017



Entered the code but was rejected.


Try again. Do you know if a code can expire after a period of time? The code above should work.


Reply from system is: You need to be learning french for english speakers to join this club


Maybe you learn the reverse tree (English for French speakers). Be sure you are doing now the French for English speakers and you are not in a club at this moment.


Before entering the code, switch to your French for English speakers course.


how do you enter the code


Duolingo has a guide about clubs. Search on Google about them.


Ah, what a pity! I wanted to join this club but I am using Duolingo through the website as I prefer this over the app. Good luck to everyone participating in the club! ^_^


You can join in this club and after use the website. You will still progress on the leaderboard.


Oh, this might have motivated me to hoard more XP, but I only have iOS 7, hence cannot download the app. :/


I'll comment here for the reward from last week's competition. Merci beaucoup.


I've got a 14-day streak and easily make 500+ XP/week but do not have a level 10. I'll be back once I reach that, and hope to join this club! A bientot!


Je t'attends . :)


just joined

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