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  5. "Water that was drunk"

"Water that was drunk"

Translation:마신 물

October 16, 2017



I thought it meant drunk as in water that drank alcohol. I was very confused.

[deactivated user]

    That is because of Duolinguo's usual sentences ㅋㅋ


    Also, 마셔진 물.


    Can somebody explain the word order in this example for me? I put 물 마신 because I saw 우유를 마신 in a different example.


    i think 마신 in this case is an adjective so 마신 물 can be translated as "the drank water". 우유를 마신 means "milk drinking" as an adjective as well, for example "milk drinking cat" is 우유를 마신 고양이


    No, no 마신 물 would be better translated as 'potable water' or 'drinkable water' Second bit is correct


    우유를 마신 would modify/describe something rather than being a stand alone noun phrase. E.g.

    우유를 마신 아이 - the child that/who drank milk

    Same with 마신. E.g.

    마신 아이 - the child that/who drank

    마신 can be used to describe what was drunk too though. E.g.

    아이가 마신 우유 - the milk **that the child drank.

    In the case of 마신 물, it's basically reads "the water that someone drank" which simplifies to "the water that was drunk.


    The water said "can I have more beer please?"


    I don't understand this want to in English

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