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Endangered languages

Which endangered languages do you like and why? Would you like to see them on Duolingo?

October 16, 2017



I would love to see Circassian (Kabardian and Adyghe), Kashubian, Ossetian/Ossetic and Chuvash. All are endangered to some degree, and they hold a special place in my heart for their uniqueness. <3


Wow, I didn't expect to see a person who's interested in these languages! It's very rare to see a person who's not from Russia and knows about Circassian, Ossetic and Chuvash. I doubt that these languages can be added on Duolingo, but I like them, too. And I hope one day we will see them on Duolingo or anywhere else. So sad there's not too many materials for learning them.


I think Inuktitut would be interesting. I think the Inuktitut writing system is really neat.


YES. THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. There's actually a fictional book about a woman who learns Inuktitut after her brother goes traveling with a group of them and disappears. There are language notes in the book. "The Search for Heinrich Schlögel." :)


Livonian. It basically is already dead. There are around 80-90 people in the world that can speak this tiny Finno-urgic language.


Scottish Gaelic would be cool as they have added all the other Celtic languages just not the one that is almost extinct


All the other expect Scottish Gaelic. And Manx. And Breton. And Cornish. And the dead ones of course


Yeah, I'd love to see Scottish Gaelic, too. We have to save it while we can. Also I agree that it would be great to see Manx and Cornish as well.


I know that Latin is a dead and not endangered language, but I would really like the see it on Duolingo. I have a slight obsession with the ancient Romans.


It is not an obsession... you are just experiencing what it is like to be awesome. :)


But you learn that in high school, don't you?


is Navaho endangered?


Navajo was used as a "cryptographic" language during WW2. Navajo is supposed to be so difficult that the US Army hired Navajo people to talk the radio, assuming the Japanese could never understand, which was true. As a person working in cryptograhpy, I'd love to learn Navajo. But then, I'd probably encounter the same issues the Japanese did.

Woman in line is talking on the phone in a foreign language. Man behind her gets irritated, and says

"Lady, we're in America here. If you want to speak Spanish, go to Mexico".

Lady responds:

"Sir, I was speaking Navajo. If you want to speak English, go back to England".


Pickled_Pie that is right i would love to see Latin on this web


i love latin and would b soooooo happy if duolingo added it


Øoena! I'd love to have it on duolingo in all honesty. Except its not endangered its actually dead so now second guessing this comment.


I just spent WAY too much time on the interwebs trying to look this up and found nothing on it D: What is it?


Assyrian because I have some family friends that speak it and I would love to talk to them in their native language :)


it is not exactly endanger yet but I think it will be soon


Cherokee! It sounds amazing and the writing system is amazing and the grammar is amazing and and and...!

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