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  5. "고용인은 직장이 있어요."

"고용인은 직장이 있어요."

Translation:The employee has a job.

October 16, 2017



There are various ways to refer to "job" in Korean. Briefly,

(1)  일 - one's (specific) task or work (in general);

(2) 일자리 - (자리 - place, position, seat) - post. Mostly used to discuss job availability

(3) 직장 - office job. This word implies certain expectation that the job is within a company/an organisation of sort.

(4) 취직 - employment. Used when looking for a job or just finding one.

(5) 직업 - profession, occupation. Mainly referred to specific often specialized jobs. Used to contrast office jobs.


직장 = workplace or office.. so this sentence doesn't make sense. the employee has an office/workplace?


Translation was "the employee has a job". Shouldn't it be something like "there's an employee at the workplace" or " the employee is at the workplace"?? I don't know. It seems weird.


The sentence would require a location particle instead of a subject particle in order to have that meaning.

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