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  5. "I am writing it."

"I am writing it."

Translation:Píšu to.

October 16, 2017



Does the word order matter here? I tried to píšu and it was rejected.


Píšu to ✒ I write it. Já to píšu ✒I write it. But "To píšu" is not alright for Duolingo (though I don't get it) but I suppose Já píšu to would pass too.


"Já to píšu" is accepted, but "Já píšu to" is not. Don't know why, can someone pls explain?


Second position rule for to.


Thanks VladaFu for your always great explanations, a lingot for you :-)


No, the second position rule.


Can I use "Píšu ho" or is it better to always use "to" for "ono"?


"Píšu ho" is possible as a response to something that establishes that the object is a masculine noun. For example:

A: "Už jsi napsal ten dopis?" (Have you written that letter yet?)

B: "Píšu ho teď." (I'm writing it now.)


Píšu ho - though grammatically correct - sounds really, really weird. It's better to substitute it with to.


I think I've missed something important here. I understand the moderator's answer above about how "to" must remain in the second position. But why is "to" being used at all, when it's a demonstrative? My first thought was to use one of the personal pronoun forms of "ono" in the accusative. Depending on the position, these would be one of "ho, je, jej".


No, here it isn't a demonstrative. Here it means "it", it is a normal pronoun. "To" has several meanings.


After reviewing I came across this explanation in the lesson preface - that "to" is preferred to forms of "ono". Thanks for the reply!

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