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Why not being able to pause Timed Practice will not get in the way

I'm seeing an upswing in requests to be able to pause Timed Practice again. So, I wanted to address the points those folks bring up and offer solutions that allow them to accomplish all of the same things, without needing to pause the Timed Practice.

First, why doesn't Timed Practice have a pause button? Timed Practice keeps our brains moving quickly to pull up what we're learning as fast as possible. It's the whole point of having a clock for pressure. Being able to pause the clock to report something removes us from the pressure zone and negates the value of Timed Practice.

What if I see an error? With 200,000,000 250,000,000 users on Duolingo, errors will get reported by someone, so no emergency there.

What if I want to review why I got something wrong? At the end of the practice, there is the option to review. So, it is possible for someone to go back and think about what happened with their answer. Click for image of where to find review button.

What if I want to look for explanations the Sentence's discussion forum? During the review section, a person can copy the sentence, go to the language forum's Sentences tab, and paste the sentence into the search bar. It will bring up the sentence discussion. Click for image of where to find Sentences tab, search bar, and example of results.


October 16, 2017



If you could pause timed practices it kind of defeats the purpose of timed practices and would just be a way to get more XP xD


The point would be that the time stops when you answer and continues when you press continue, leaving you time to report, discuss etc. but obviously not allowing you to turn it into a regular practice session.


Not unless they make it like Memrise on the computer where it blocks the screen with a play button.


I just report errors in Timed Practice anyway. :P

Problem is, I have to do it so quickly that a good 25% of them are reported erroneously, where I either misread the question or made a typo in my translation. Usually, I realise this mistake before the next question has even loaded or otherwise upon looking through the end of practice review.

But there's no way to retract these reports... So I often feel bad for giving contributors more junk reports to wade through. (But not bad enough to stop reporting in Timed Practice altogether, since I get frustrated constantly losing time due to it marking perfectly correct British English answers wrong). ^^;


Thanks Usagiboy7. All good reasons. I personally agree that there shouldn't be a pause button for Timed Practice. After all, it's just xp. You can always review the lesson and do it over again, if it's something about content. I like that now you can click on a discussion and it opens up a new page. That was my one small annoyance and now it's taken care of.


Scarlett_Lucian, I can understand why people want the option to pause it. Some of them aren't aware of how they would stunt the benefits of Timed practice by pausing it. And many of them do not realize there are other ways to do the things they're wanting to do during those sessions. That's why I included instructions. I hope this post helps to reduce anxiety about these things and allows people to enjoy Timed Practice more. :)

[deactivated user]

    If I see something wrong, I literally just open the discussion and if it's something I need a screengrab for that takes like 2 seconds.


    Usagi, the link above for the review button is showing something else.


    marcy65brown, many thanks! I've fixed it. :)


    I am curious:
    How do you guys manage to get more than 4-6XP in the EN-Portuguese course with timed practice, as either the audio, the next question or continue buttons lag that much???

    I may be able to complete native sentences...but not for a language I learn or which is not my 2nd language like English.

    I quite often run into the timeout, and even my last question may have been answered correctly in time (translated) or the correct multiple-choice was chosen, there is no time to hit the "Continue" button anymore; therefore the last question is not rated at all!!!
    I am really waiting for the update of the "DuoLessonsFix" user script to stop the timer to make better progress than just 4-6 XP questions in total.

    This additional functionality was there before (added) - there is no obvious good reason to simply remove it (well it was by the new Scala portal) and force you have to us the damn timer how it works right now....
    ......but DuoLingo staff was not interested to built-in this "timer stop" functionality for those users who are fed up with it and let users chose how they want to complete the excercise :(

    There is even a NEW bug that very long sentences with 11-12 words are shown in a "timed practice". This was at the end of 4-6 seconds. Ridiculous!
    The Android app shows the FULL sentence solution, you just have to click NEXT...or 4-5 words are pre-picked in the tapping excercise.

    As I repeated the (global) strengthen skills button excercise with no active timer, that sentence did not popup a second time...of course.

    If the Duo portal does not lag, then I have to admit that I have to think about too long in Portguese, to push myself forward to 15-20 questions; 10 questions would be enough for me - I can barely reach that goal.

    I just used the "timed practice" to save my streak:

    • And even this is not possible anymore as the Android app overwrites the 1XP setting with 10XP (another silly update).

    • Completing quickly one "timed practice" with 1-4/6XP does NOT save your streak anymore!!!


    I'm using latest version of Chrome browser on Windows 10 and I'm not getting any Timed Practice lag. But, I know that some people are getting lag. I haven't used Timed Practice for Portuguese.

    I don't know the answers. :(


    If clicking on "discuss sentence" opened the tab in the background it would make life a lot easier, and would probably satisfy some of those calling for a pause feature. That way people could just hit the button and continue, with the discussion page(s) waiting for them when they are done. Easier than copying the sentence in review and searching the forum (which I've found doesn't always work).

    At the moment you are automatically taken to the discussion page tab, and have to switch back to the practice page. Annoying in non-timed practice, wastes precious seconds in timed mode.


    I agree with you. I thought I'd read a few people who had commented their discussions were opening in a separate tab. I could easily be mistaken though. It's an A+ suggestion if it's not already being tested. You should post it to the discussion forum. Maybe it will make it onto the testing block. :)


    " copy the sentence, go to the language forum's Sentences tab, and paste the sentence into the search bar. "

    you must be joking, right? because that is so much more comfortable than just having a link in the sentence box would be...

    also, a report button there wouldn't hurt. those two would take a lot of pressure from the exercises.


    Speising, the workarounds I've mentioned up top are workarounds that I've used. If you have suggestions for how to improve timed practice, outside of pausing it, I encourage you to post it as a discussion in the General forum. :)

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