"My little brother will get a job as a cook."

Translation:제 동생은 요리사로 취직해요.

October 16, 2017



Not 취직할거예요?

October 16, 2017


Thanks for noting. Please use the report function to suggest alternative translations, it will have a higher chance of being noticed by a course developer.

October 17, 2017


present tense?

October 30, 2017


Why was 남동생 marked as incorrect here?

November 12, 2017


Because it's the beta version, just report it :-) I think they made the Korean sentense first and used 동생. But since it is awkward to write "my younger sibling", they just decided on the younger sibling's gender. Then they turned the English version into the task, forgetting that the sibling now has a gender, so the original Korean sentence is now a wrong solution.

January 31, 2018
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