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  5. "그와 그녀는 압니다."

"그와 그녀는 압니다."

Translation:He and she know.

October 16, 2017



I think it's correct, even though I would rarely use it. They probably wanted to teach us the "he" and "she" pronouns in Korean (remember though that they are more often omitted than not).


The translation is super awkward. We'd never say that in English


This is super awkward in Korean since the subjects are usually omitted and you barely ever use pronouns. It might just be trying to teach you the vocab but it's important to note that Korean really doesn't function much like English at all


We'd more likely have occasion to say "he and she both know". Otherwise, it is indeed an awkward sentence that would rarely be used.


Is this from 알다? Why did it conjugate like this and not to 알습니다?


ㄹ is an irregular! It's kind of like how contractions work in English, where it's just harder to pronounce. So the ㄹ disappears and you just add -ㅂ니다 as if there was no 받침.

ㅂ/ㄷ/ㄹ are all common irregulars so it would be worth it to get a good understanding of them as you move on! :)


In formal speech, when a verb stem ends with ㄹ the ㄹ gets dropped and the verb is conjugated as if it ends with a vowel.


This is so confusing


This question is just wrong


What's wrong with him and her know

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