"The thing is cold."

Translation:물건이 차갑습니다.

October 16, 2017



What's the difference between 물건 and 것?

December 17, 2017


물건 is object/thing 것 has a similar meaning. Usually, it comes with three combinations: 1. 이것 this thing (right infront of you) 2. 그것 that thing (not too far away from you) 3. 저것 that thing over there (very far away from you)

As usual, we need to add subject or topic particles (이/가 or 은/는) after (이/그/저)것.

For example:

이것은 사과입니다. This is an apple.

저것이 바나나입니다. That thing over there is banana.

Not sure if I'm right or not, still a beginner here. Please correct me! Hope it helps

July 29, 2018


What are the differences between 차가워 and 추춰?

October 16, 2017


It is not easy to give a short answer for this, so to start, I would just advice you to remember to use 춥다 for the weather as in 요즘 날씨가 춥다 (the weather is cold these days). For things that "feel" cold, I would suggest to use 차갑다.

You can read more on it here and here and many more entries in google if you search for it like this

October 17, 2017



October 16, 2017


Forgive the typo =/

October 16, 2017


Why is it 물거이??

November 1, 2017


That means thing

February 3, 2018


Me talking about my friends..

October 9, 2018
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