"Žofie je dcera Kateřiny."

Translation:Žofie is Kateřina's daughter.

October 16, 2017

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so does the "y" denotes possession? like an apostrophe 's would do so in English?


Yes. I would say it is somewhat closer to "of Kateřina" though for the reasons you will see later.


Not sure if it's an unlucky coincidence, but it happens very often that I get an audio clip right after I get the same phrase in a normal question. Kind of defeats the purpose if I can just recall the correct answer from my 10-second short term memory.


Žofie is daughter of Kateřina - isn't this correct???


You are missing an article. Please limit the number of your questionmarks, it looks very impatient if not outright rude.


Hullo VladaFu, I agree with EugeneSmir3, an article ("the") though usual, is not essential in English in this statement and I too got marked wrong for leaving it out.


I wrote 'Kateřina's daughter is Žofie.' Should this be accepted?


I believe that would be a different sentence in Czech, for example, "Dcera Kateřiny je Žofie." It is like the difference between "That is good bread" and "That bread is good, which you may have come across in another exercise. The course consistently distinguishes between these two constructions. (If I am wrong about this, another member of the team will se the record straight!)


Yes, it's flipping the sentence around to create another meaning. Czech and English are in sync here in terms of word order - one sentence is giving the information about who Žofie is whereas the other is telling us what the name of Kateřina's daughter is. They are not interchangeable as they would be used in different situations.


autocorrect is constantly changing my Z in Zofie to an S to make it Sofie which makes my sentence incorrect. - So frustrating!


Try adding "Žofie" (or at least "Zofie") to your phone dictionary. How it's done depends on the phone - usually it's enough to tap the word and the phone will remember it's something you want to use even in the future.

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