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Japanese Tips and Notes

I'd like to know if there is a release date for the japanese "tips and notes". I know the web version is very recent but the korean version is already available... Since japanese is a very difficult language I think the tips and notes are essential, not just for me but to a lot of users. Thanks! ^^

October 16, 2017



They are already available on the Japanese course. Check out, for example, the Hiragana 4 skill: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ja/Hiragana-4 Note that we don't necessarily have tips & notes for all skills.


Is it safe to assume that you have plans to add notes eventually for most lessons or is that relatively low priority?


I like the idea of adding notes, but, since the web is full of tutorials and lessons on learning Japanese, and there are no real alternatives to DuoLingo in terms of the interactive whole-sentence-level translation with spaced repetition...I'd rather the team focus their efforts on other things.

My highest priority right now would be getting open-ended typing exercises and full Kanji. Without this the course is pretty useless to me because it's a shadow of the reverse course, something I can still work through (I have been working through it for months now) and something that has these exercises.

I also would rather them work on expanding the material for the course to where it is comparable in scale and scope to the other courses.

Tips and notes seem like a lower priority to me because I can get all that material elsewhere. I cannot get all the other features that I want anywhere else.


Oh, I see... I haven't gone through so much of the course yet and I hope all the tips and notes are enough since japanese is a very difficult language! Thank you!


You're right, the notes wwould be much appreciated.


I'd like to see some notes too!


There are some tips and notes in Japanese for example in Time 3


Although it seems to have English as Engligh or something like that in the tips and notes.


I would also love to see more complete Tips and Notes for Japanese. In comparison, the Tips and Notes for Korean and Chinese are full of great detail and are very well done.

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