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Duoversary :)

One year ago, on October 15 2016, I was watching my sister translate sentences into Spanish, and I asked her what she was doing. She told me about this awesome website. The next day, October 16 2016, I made my account and started learning French, Spanish, and Vietnamese. My opinion then was the same as it is now; BEST. WEBSITE. EVER. I thought (and still do) this website was genius!

Unfortunately, my longest streak before my current one was three days. I was not very dedicated to learning French (and Spanish and Vietnamese) so I never logged on often. At one point, all I did on duolingo was a few lessons, make a lingot wager, then look at the message announcing I had lost my wager - Weeks or months later because I never logged on more than two days in a row, if for that long.

On July 11 2017, I decided that I wanted to learn Spanish. I remembered this website, and I logged onto it, and restarted the Spanish course. I discovered the forums and the amazing people on it, and I started to go on the forums often. Since then, I have not missed a day going on duolingo. This is the most amazing website ever.

I'm now learning not only Spanish and French, but also Japanese, Italian, Czech, Korean, Turkish, Catalan, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese and Greek. (I deleted Vietnamese because to be honest, I was not very interested in learning that language, and it was extremely hard.)

Never give up on learning a language. There is no such thing as a simple, easy, and fast way to learn a language, but there are easier paths than others.

You all are amazing people who have helped me so much! Every single one of you deserves a million bucks, a million lingots, and a million cinnamon rolls!

Now stop reading this person talking about her life story, and go learn a new language!


October 16, 2017



Wow, awesome story! You have a good sense of humor (just saying), keep going! I'm 93 XP behind you in Spanish!


Thanks FrenchByte! Your streak is pretty great too!


Great story! Your puppy is adorable! :P


Thanks! I usually put that gif in wherever I can.


félicitations! mais, pourquoi vous apprendrez beaucoup de langues en même temps? trouvez-vous que c'est efficace?


Keep in mind that I don't exactly do them at the same time. What I do is, go on one language one day, ignore that language for about a month or maybe just a week, then strengthen it and continue it. It's not as effective as doing one at a time, but language learning is really addictive. My French's not good enough to write this in French, sorry.



[deactivated user]

    You're really involved in the forums, which is cool! It wouldn't be the same here without you. ❤


    Woof you are a very good friend! :)


    Thanks Jayden, you too! :)


    Thank you so much :)


    Awesome, I need to make myself keep my streak. Sadly, the longest streak I'v ever had was 17 days long, but I'm going to go a lot longer this time :) Btw, I saw you started Russian and thats amazing, because you will be the first person I'm following that's learning Russian :D Do yo want to race? just kidding, you would totally win.


    Thanks Woof for the lingot :)


    You're welcome DreamOfFlying! :)


    Congratulations on reaching the one-year mark! A few more days and you'll have a 100-day streak! Remember, just a little bit at a time adds up over time. Best wishes. :)


    Happy Duoversary, Woof.! Continue with the great work!

    PS: I love Slavic languages, and Russian is a great choice!


    Thanks Maughanster! I agree; Russian is amazing!


    Good job! Congratulations, Woof!


    Thank you Anno-Domini! Awesome streak btw!


    Great job! I definitely cannot keep up a streak like yours... Anyway! Keep it up, friend! SPQR and Ciao! Warriorg315


    Thanks Warriorg315 :)


    I've been on this site for a while. Like, 2 years? It's been a while. But HAPPY BIRDDAY WOOF.!!! xO


    1: Love the puppy :) 2: Awesome job! Here's to another 95 days and beyond!


    Thanks Scarlet_Lucian!

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