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Tips and note suggestion

[deactivated user]

    So I've been seeing tips and notes appear on the Japanese skills, YAY, and i was thinking that adding a list of new words taught in the lesson to Tips and notes section. This will help people who are not used to the whole no space thing. You can also show the Kanji form of the word in the tips and notes as well, so people who want to learn the Kanji can.

    October 16, 2017

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    I would rather they teach full Kanji in all lessons and just give people the option to either turn it off by toggling a switch, or to see hiragana by hovering over the word.

    Perhaps a toggle or hover-over tool to show the separation between words could also be helpful.

    As a temporary measure, Jisho does a pretty good job of correctly parsing sentences into words, if you just paste a sentence in there. I made heavy use of it for this purpose when working on the reverse (English for Japanese Speakers) course.

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