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"Those books were not here yesterday."

Translation:Ty knihy tady včera nebyly.

October 16, 2017



Why "Ty knihy nebyly tady včera" is not accepted?


It is a strange word order. If you really need to strongly stress včera as opposed to some other day, use Ty knihy tady nebyly včera..


Thank you. Word order is really being difficult for me (Spanish / English background)


When is it "tady" versus "tu?"


In this sentence, you can use safely both of them.

"Tu" can sound a bit archaic in some sentences and on rare occasions it means "at that moment", so I recommend to use primarily "tady".


Can anybody please explain why Ty knihi včera tady nebyly is not correct?


It must be knihy, not knihi, because h is a hard consonant, it always must have y.

The word order also sounds unnatural. "Ty knihy tady včera nebyly." is much better. Tady probably prefers to be in the second position (if it is not first or last) because "Včera tady nebyly." is fine.


What about "Ty knihy včera nebyly tady" ?


As you can try yourself, it is accepted.

It is one of the less common orders and stresses that it was here where they were not, not some other place where someone probably suggested that they were not instead.

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