Tiny cards feature request: Design for qwer+mouse

Right now the space/enter navigation system in cards is poor for most standard keyboard users (left hand on keyboard, right on mouse - or wise versa) It enforces either using the mouse to navigate (slower than hotkeys) or moving the left hand to enter across the keyboard.

Suggested solution: remapping the default controls (or allowing customization) to the left side of keyboard. (Examples would be space/ctrl+space;space/shift;space/double-click-space)

This should allow for rapid manipulation of cards with static arms enabling user to focus more on the actual exercise.

(Also not related to this but I'd also like if you saw your favorited decks on your profile page -maybe tab between decks and and followers- just for good measure.)


October 16, 2017


Como desarrollar el oído en ingles sugerencias

October 17, 2017

Sorry Spanish isn't my strong suit. Something about English. That this is only valid for English speakers?

October 17, 2017
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