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  5. "Hatupendi kukimbia!"

"Hatupendi kukimbia!"

Translation:We don't like to run!

October 17, 2017



I translated this as 'we do not love to run', and was counted wrong. It seems to me that 'love' is sensible translation here because 'kupenda' is the same word that is used in 'ninakupenda' ('I love you') and as a native English speaker, I do not have a problem with the sentence 'we do not love to run'. I am interested in anyone else's thoughts on this.


Hmm, I'm inclined to agree with you, although saying "We do not love to run" kind of leaves open the possibility that we only like it. I suppose you could say the same the other way - saying that we don't like it leaves open the possibility that we actually love it ... It's a bit weird and pedantic, but if it's good enough for Mr Marley, it's good enough for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2Ey-h-KUXA

Anyway, I find your sentence a bit less natural in English, but I think it's fine and it should be added as one of the alternative sentences to be accepted.

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