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"I would like two glasses of wine."

Translation:Ich möchte zwei Gläser Wein.

October 17, 2017



Ich hätte gern zwei Gläser Wein



Ich hätte gerne is totally okay!


why is it incorrect to say "ich moechte GERN..." ?


It isn't. Report it next time within the lesson as a possible translation.


I am confused by this. My understanding was that when referring to quantities and measurements that there was a rule that says when there are two nouns together like this that and the first noun is masculine or neuter then it is always in the singular, even when the meaning is plural. As an example Ich trinke jeden Abend drei Glas Rotwein - Meaning I drink three glasses of red wine every evening. Could somebody help me understand where I am going wrong as I expected this to be 'Glas' and not Gläser'. Many thanks


Why can you not say, "Ich wuerde gern"? Isn't that a closer translation of "I would like" than "Ich moechte"? Wouldn't that just be "I want"?


"Ich möchte gern zwei Gläser Wein" => Can such construct be used?

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