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  5. "그는 공원에서 고슴도치를 가끔 봐요."

"그는 공원에서 고슴도치를 가끔 봐요."

Translation:Sometimes he sees a hedgehog in the park.

October 17, 2017



Does it go fast?


10-16- counted wrong because it didnt like which article (a, the) before the nouns.

Is there an option for the developers to do a bulk edit? Because this problem is continuously occuring.


As far as I know, the way Duolingo is currently implemented, the alternative answers have to be added one by one by the course developers based on the reports submitted by the users.

Of course, I hope the developers of the platform will provide such functionality if it turns out to be critical to get the course out of beta in reasonable time.


Interesting. Seems like they could make it easier on themselves if they made it possible to not have to do it one by one except when you want/need to

[deactivated user]

    I literally said that and i got it wrong because i didnt put in a period.


    I wrote it in plural

    Sometimes he sees hedgehogs in the park

    I think it is a valid translation too


    In the last lesson Duolingo teached us that Sometimes was 어떤 때(는). And now it says that Sometimes is 가끔. Does anybody know the difference? When should we use each one? Thanks in advance!


    Is that Crazy Carl from the Sonic movie? XD


    he sometimes apparantly is different with sometimes he


    Both are accepted now


    shouldn't "watches" also be accepted?


    I write the correct answer but it shows me wrong


    Wen u c a hejhog


    the only difference between my answer and duolingo's answer is at and in.... im not complaining anymore bcs duolingo itself knows that they're strange sometimes LMAO

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