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Change in content??

A couple of questions:

Is there any difference in content in Duo plus or is the primary difference the ability to practice offline?

Second, is there new content in the program? I reached level 25 in French and switched over to the reverse tree (french to english) where I am at level 14. I recently went back to french as I saw my proficiency level was dropping (from lack of use apparently - one apparently does not get "cross-credit" for working a reverse tree.)

It seems to me I am seeing new sentences - which I highly welcome.

However, is that true or have I simply forgotten them from my earlier work?

October 17, 2017



Duolingo Plus removes adverts and gives a limited amount of offline functionality.

Using reverse trees, you will encounter new vocabulary and sentences.


Funny thing is that many people seem to complain that "DuoLingo Plus" has NOT removed ads for them?!

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