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click and record not working

The click and record window is not responding. I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Flash Player and changed the Global settings to allow Duolingo but to no avail. Is it my computer and/or settings or the Duolingo site?

March 27, 2012



It seems the problem is in Firefox.


I have the same problem with IE. One day it works and the next .NOT. Today it does not work even though i tested my mic on my MS LYNC phone and it works fine. Is there a help desk for this? I appreciate they are trying to save costs by having us work things out ourselves, but, i really want to promote this to folks so I need technical support on things i can't figure out myself. thx


Well I run google chrome and isn't working either since I update the Adobe Flash Player. When I do click in the record button a new window of Flash Player appears, then I click in "Allow" to record but... still didn't work. Please tell me. How did you solve this problem?


Well it seems the problem is not only with Firefox but also with Safari on my computer. I wonder if the Duolingo website does not support the new Flash Player that I updated to after getting a new operating system.

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