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Where to watch French movies with French subtitles online?

I have always wanted to watch more French movies to practice my French listening skills. All I have been using is just Youtube so far and the options are quite limited. It would be lovely if anyone can throw me some recommendations!

October 17, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Netflix has a decent range. I believe you should be able to do French subtitles, but i'm not 100%. Some of the movies that I have watched on there are Divines (it's about teenagers in a troubled neighborhood, so it's very fast paced and slang french), The Boss's Daughter, Blind Date (simple, and pretty easy to understand what they are saying for the most part), and lastly The Innocents (this has a bit of polish in there as well).


    Netflix is good, and filtering by french audio will lead you to options. One thing I watched was a kids show called the 'The long, long holiday.' I liked it a lot.


    If you want to watch a movie, I have something on my mind, it's called "Amelie". It's got a nice plot so maybe you could watch it some time. :D

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