"The lizards suddenly eat the ants."

Translation:도마뱀들이 갑자기 개미를 먹어요.

October 17, 2017

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I dont understand where the adverb is supposed to go.. Sometimes before the verb, sometimes not? Can someone enlighten me?


I think technically they can be placed anywhere (except at the ending where the verb comes), similar to object, subject, etc.

From the howtostudykorean.com website:

"The best part about Korean adverbs is that they can essentially be placed at any place in the sentence."

However, I think some word orders sound more natural than others, but I'd be happy too to know if there is a rule for that.

Personally, I started to feel over the course of my study which order is more natural than the other.


(it will never be after the verb)


If it is 도마뱀들이 why is it not 개미들을? Thanks


It's a detail that can be picked up through context. With 들 specifying the subject as plural, it can be safely assumed that 개미 is plural as well, because multiple lizards wouldn't all eat only a single ant.

Another way of thinking about it is like this: in most situations, unless speaking of a specific ant, ants are plural. It would more useful to assume plurality as a standard and only modify the word when referring to specifically one ant.


I always put it right after the subject and haven't gotten it wrong.

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