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"The lizards suddenly eat the ants."

Translation:도마뱀들이 갑자기 개미를 먹어요.

October 17, 2017



I dont understand where the adverb is supposed to go.. Sometimes before the verb, sometimes not? Can someone enlighten me?


I think technically they can be placed anywhere (except at the ending where the verb comes), similar to object, subject, etc.

From the howtostudykorean.com website:

"The best part about Korean adverbs is that they can essentially be placed at any place in the sentence."

However, I think some word orders sound more natural than others, but I'd be happy too to know if there is a rule for that.

Personally, I started to feel over the course of my study which order is more natural than the other.


(it will never be after the verb)


I always put it right after the subject and haven't gotten it wrong.


If it is 도마뱀들이 why is it not 개미들을? Thanks

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