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Greek and Latin Morphemes for English Usage #6 (2nd edition)

Hello guys! Here is how this thread works: Once a week for the next few weeks, I am going to be posting a discussion on 20 morphemes in Greek and Latin for you guys to learn. I will list the morphemes first, and then I will add the English translations. You can make words out of them, tell them to friends, or do whatever you want (as long as it is reasonable:)

  1. Haem, Haemat, Hema, Hemat, Aem - Blood

  2. Erg, Ergat, Urgy - Work

  3. Ton - Tone

  4. Plasm, Plasma, Plast - Mold, Form, Substance

  5. Ethn, Ethno - Nation

  6. Onoma, Onomat, Onym - Name

  7. Crit, Cris - Separate, Discern, Judge

  8. Phon, Phono - Sound

  9. Phan, Phaner, Phen - Show, Appear, Shine

  10. Od, Odo - Way, Path

  11. Idio - One's own, Individual

  12. Ideo, Idea - Idea

  13. Auto - Self

  14. Oid, Oidism - Resemblance

  15. Cracy - Rule, Govern

  16. Poly - Sale, Selling

  17. Neo - New

  18. Clasm, Clast - Breakage, Destruction

  19. Lysis - A loosening, Solution

  20. Iatry - Healing, Science of


October 17, 2017



This reminds me of a book I've once seen that promised to teach 20000 or 25000 foreign language words in two weeks. I don't even remember what language it was in and what languages it taught, but it was mostly about finding all those Greco-Latin words that are shared by most European languages.


This is very fascinating and it actually reminds me of Languagetransfer (audio courses), you should really check them out as from what I've experienced, the courses also make clever use of 'building blocks' such as these.

Thank you for posting, have a couple of lingots.

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