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Practicing less will make more progress?


Again I observe something strange. Since the start of the year I set my goal to be 'insane' and was doing 50xp each day. I managed to get to 39% fluency and was advancing by 1 point of a skill (not a skill) each day. The advance was slow because I was loosing a lot of skill points each day and after the 50 xp, I was merely 1 skill point better than the day before. This month I had to lower to 20xp cause I am busy. Now I am at 48% fluency and still advanced 1 skill point each day. I do less than half the work and have the same advancement but with extra fluency growth. I looks like duo's system intentionally makes you forget around the same amount that you learn.

October 17, 2017



Ignore the fluency rating. It's basically meaningless.

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Just like Usagiboy said, the fluency rating is for nothing. My fluency rating in German is 63% and in French 57%. In German I finished tree, went through it many times, got 30000XP, in reality I am about B2 level. In French I still have to finish the last third of the tree and only achieved 13000XP, I am hardly A1 level. You see now that the fluency rating puts me to similar level in German and French but my work that I have done here on Duolingo and my actual skills are very different in each language.

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