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Skills not decaying?

I've noticed a sudden change in the decay rate of my skills, since the last week my skills have stopped decaying and now my tree is totally gold. Everyday I logged in, I used to have between 3 and 4 skills to strengthen, and now its only one if I am lucky. Also, it feels really easier to master some skills now, and despite they are gold I don't feel that I have really mastered them as I used to.

EDIT: I'm seeing this discussion post being downvoted and I've realized that I'm not being clear. This isn't to brag about the fact that I'm so good that my skill tree does not decay. I've posted this because It is only taking between two or three strength practices to make a skill into gold and then it does not decay.

I think there may be something wrong because I've been using the strength meter to practice those which werent golden before starting a new one, making sure that I would memorize it before starting the next one. Everyday when I would log-in, some golden skills would have decayed so I had to replay them, in order to not to forget about them.

What is happening right now, is not only that skills are not decaying, but also that it takes a few strenght practices to get them to gold, clearly not enough for me to actually learn them, which is kind of a problem because this way is really difficult to keep track on what I know and what I do not.

Maybe I should end with a question: Has something similar happened to any of you?

Thanks a lot, and please excuse any gramatical errors, English is not my first language.

October 17, 2017



I am still experiencing decaying. And the filling in of my colored patchwork, as I strive to make it gold - yet again.

Though it is an interesting observation.

Perhaps it is that the algorithm is considering that you have been gaining greater mastery of the course.

All of these things are of course bells and whistles. What matters more is how you feel the need to direct your own learning. And to learn any one language can be a life times adventure. There are always new, and old nuances to learn. Interesting material to read and listen to. ohh - and the books, and the movies and music. Also games to learn to play, cooking recipes to try and taste. Scientific papers, papers on history. And ever so much more.

I hope you find some great ways to continue to harness your language learning, and also that you might get distracted by serendipitous learning adventures in the languages you are learning. Be it learning to fly a model airplane ( yes that can also involve language learning. - one day I must tell you about my English friend and his adventures in France. ) To finding a love of flowers and plants and insects. And describing them in your other language and understanding their habitat, and history and future risks.

Congratulations on all your hard work in gaining a golden tree !


If you feel you need to practice a skill more, there's nothing to stop you from strengthening them anyway even if they are gold. I tend to spend more time on verbs.


Sure! I just think this is kind of an issue because until now it has been really useful to keep on track weaker skills. I tend to forget about things easily :__)


In more than a year on Duolingo I've never seen anybody complain about things not decaying fast enough (although I personally have long thought that they don't decay fast enough...), but now there's been two in two days. I'm suspecting an A/B test.

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