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  5. "to malé dítě"

"to malé dítě"

Translation:that small child

October 17, 2017



The little child. Do I misunderstand? "To" can be the or that?


I read that dítě is neuter in the singular, but becomes děti, feminine in the plural! Are there any other words we'll meet in this course that change their gender?

(I already know that člověk / lidé changes its root spelling, but not its gender... I also remember that in Russian they commonly use the forms: ребёнок / дети)


no more such words AFAIR

OK, there are more

uši, oči are also feminine when take the plural forms derived from the old dual (to be met in future lessons)


"to" can be either "this" or "that", no? "this" was rejected.


I got this wrong on another question for putting small child as dite and it corrected me saying it was actually small girl. I answered girl for dite here and it said it was wrong. is dite child or girl??


You have to report under the correct sentence, we have no way to check your problem now.

Dítě is a child, a girl is dívka, holka, děvče.

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