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Commonly asked questions

  1. Why is it important to learn other languages if you're never gonna speak them?

A: You never know, maybe you will find yourself speaking them one day!

  1. I'm a starter; how do I improve my skills?

A: Just keep working!

4: Duolingo is glitching; what should I do?

A: Report the glitch and wait for it to stop.

3: What language should I learn?

A: Think of what language you would use most or what language you want to learn most.

2: Why should I report errors if i'm not sure they're errors?

A: Check first

1: How do you become a language contributor?

A: Report wrong translations in your language or related languages and compare them to the correct translations. If Duolingo makes an edit off of your corrections, you become a contributor for that language.

October 17, 2017



Hi, I think you have a slight misunderstanding about the term "Course Contributor". The course contributors are the people who actually build the course. They are bilingual, or very nearly so. They frequently have advanced degrees in linguistics and/or education. They apply and go through a rigorous screening process.

When we users report errors, it is the course contributors who research the errors and decide whether or not to build the additions and corrections into the course.


You're right! Life is simpler than it looks!

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