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Bit of advice required

I've been doing Duolingo, podcasts, audiobooks etc for a couple of years now, and i'm fairly pleased with my progress. However, I feel to really move on to the next level I need some 'one to one' type lessons with a teacher. And here is my problem. I live in a fairly remote area and have not been able to locate a single Italian teacher within a two hour drive. I've even wrote to Italian restaurants and take-aways to ask if they know anyone. Alas to no avail. So I was wondering, does anyone have any experience of the one-to-one Skype lessons, and if anyone can point me in the direction of a good one? Or of course any other suggestions (besides moving to Italy, which believe me, I would if I could!) that could be beneficial. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble.

October 17, 2017



Have a look at iTalki.com as you can receive on line lessons from native speakers or qualified teachers in your language. Of course you have to pay but the rates are usually very competative and you can get short trial lessons to see if you get on with the teacher.


Check out ConversationExchange.com You can find a native Italian speaker who is wanting to practice their English. They won't be a trained language educator, but it doesn't cost anything either.

psionpete has mentioned iTalki. Also check out Busuu, GoSpeaky, and WeSpeke. I don't have much experience with them but they're worth a look.


I had an online teacher, it was great. I used italki.


@Columbo88 I've met many people learning Spanish by their own and they are doing it really well! Try this app https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24853770


Its not that im unhappy with my progress, I just feel ive plateaued a little.


Thank you so much everyone. Ill be looking into all these suggestions.


I've heard about Italki being great with each lesson being cheap, but an hour passes by quickly so it does end up being expensive. If you have the money, use Italki. If you don't, I'd try to use social media in order to find someone with similiar intersts you can talk to daily via Whatsapp or Skype/Discord. Or somebody made a post, you can try this one too, it seems to be good (I haven't tried it myself) --> https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24853770


I definitely recommend Tandem. It's an app (Available for IOS and Android) that allows you to connect with Native speakers and you can hire teachers.

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