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  5. "Ich esse, du trinkst."

"Ich esse, du trinkst."

Translation:I am eating, you are drinking.

October 17, 2017



I put the translation as "I am eating, you drink." This came up as incorrect but it seems like it was still right.


You have to maintain parallelism (the use of successive verbal constructions) in your translations. Therefore, either "I eat, you drink." or "I am eating, you are drinking." is correct.


It wont take. I eat, you drink


You use different aspects here. If I say "I am eating" it means, that I am munching down on something right now, but 'I eat' means that I am generally eating (for example bread), but not at the moment of speaking. But we don't distinct these forms the same way in German. 'Ich esse' can mean both, but if it does mean 'I am eating' it is often followed by an adverb = ' Ich esse gerade'. But you have the same aspect here, so just stick to one system like the others said as well


Yes, they should use the correct translation.


I eat, you drink should be acceptable. I eat. You drink are fine when they are stand alone why are they wrong when combined wit a comma?


I used the word bank and chose the answer "I am eating you're drinking". The answer was accepted but with the message there's a typo in your answer. I suspect the problem was the contraction. If so, I suggest Duolingo remove 're as a possible answer the word bank.


Why is it du instead of ihr?


Because whoever says this sentence is speaking to only one person, not to several people.


Du means you like a one person and ihr means you all. Hope it helped


I put I eat, you drink and it said im wrong DUOLINGO SORT THIS OUT


Can you show us a screenshot, please?

Your comment has insufficient context.


"Ich esse "combines " I and am"


Can i say I drink and i eat ?


Can i say I drink and i eat ?

That's a grammatical English sentence but it doesn't translate Duo's German sentence Ich esse, du trinkst.:

  • You added an "and" that wasn't in the German sentence.
  • You turned du trinkst (you drink) into "I drink" -- changed the subject pronoun.


I have problem with listening and i am reading german language. My problem is when it plays and says a text i cant hear anything ! To be short unfortunately i can't write, because it says a text but there is no sound to hearings Please solve it


Are is not in the answer how can i add are ?


I wrote for this sentence translation as 'l am eating and you are drinking ' and it shows wrong but why?? Its right know


I wrote for this sentence translation as 'l am eating and you are drinking ' and it shows wrong but why?

  • The English word for ich is "I" (capital i) and not "l" (small L)
  • There is no word und in the German sentence, but you put an "and" in your English sentence


It should accept both answers: you drink and you're drinking


It should accept both answers: you drink and you're drinking

It does accept both "I eat, you drink" and "I'm eating, you're drinking".


This crazy part indeed and tricky

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