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I can't find the Swedish course and I know there is one. Please help.

Hi! For a long time, I have wanted to learn Swedish and I know that there is a Swedish course on Duolingo. But I can't find it anywhere! Can someone please help me?

October 17, 2017



If you click the flag to the left of your profile pic and then Add a new course

In case that is too difficult... https://www.duolingo.com/course/sv/en/Learn-Swedish-Online


Thanks, everyone! I did just look over it when I was trying to find it. Oops. But thank you anyway!


Maybe you skipped over it while you were looking for it in the language courses? Maybe you saw it but your brain didn't register that it was what you were looking for? I know my brain does that sometimes. Hope you find it soon!


Just one question for you TwentyOneDragons (this isn't related to my question and where to find the Swedish course). But Is your username a mix of the two bands, Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots?


Yes, it is! They are two of my favorite bands :)

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