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  5. "Ich bin nicht frei."

"Ich bin nicht frei."

Translation:I am not free.

October 17, 2017



Duolingo, fix this. Typed in the correct answer and it was marked wrong


Can you provide a screenshot of this, please? (Upload it somewhere and paste the URL here.)

So that I can attach it to a bug report.

"this" and "the correct answer" are rather vague, I'm afraid, and I can't see what kind of exercise you got (multiple-choice, translate, type what you hear, fill in the blank, tapping, ....) as the system automatically generates a number of exercises from one and the same sentence.


that is just sad :-( why er nein frei


nein "no" is the opposite of ja "yes" -- it's an answer to a question.

It does not mean "not", nor is it used in phrases such as "there are no people here".


Your sentence mildly bothered me, so I'm going to offer a correction and, if it is incorrect In grammar, atleast it'll fully translate. I assume you meant to say why is he not free, since you used "er"

The full translation is as follows: "Das ist einfach traurig. Warum ist er nicht frei?"


Is "nicht frei" as used here meant to mean "having no spare time", "with a price" or "imprisoned"?


Why is it nicht here instead of keine


Because you are negating an adjective frei "free", not a noun.

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