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How do I practice with people on Duolingo?

I was wondering how to practice with other learners on Duolingo?

Any ways to do so?

Con muchos gracias, Sabrina Carpenter

October 17, 2017



If you have the mobile app, you can create a club (which allows you to compete a bit and comment back and forth). You can invite people by sending them the code. However, this only works on the app and not on desktop.

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Many of the courses have a duolingo {insert language here} learners group on facebook. You can try to find people there.

There also used to be the option of making a connection through writing on somebody's profile up until a couple of months ago. I personally used that to make a couple of friends, two of whom I'm still talking with, again also through facebook.

Of course for the latter option, you'd have to brave enough to put your actual contact details out there on the forums (which get indexed by search engines), so I'd suggest waiting to share this info until the developers implement the direct messaging feature they promised ages ago.

Also, it should go without saying, but here it is anyway, please take the same precautions when meeting someone from Duolingo as you would with someone from any other place on the internet.


The only way to communicate with other users is by using the forums. So better try out other options, I recommend you this https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24853770


I'd ask people around here/on social media or offer them to learn with you and you'll maybe find someone you can chat on whatsapp/skype with daily.


You may want to register at www.hellolingo.com or www.hi5.com as a direct interconnection on DuoLingo, even Android clubs, is not possible.

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