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why can't you choose what area of the launguage you learn?

i use this to help with my french in school but i now cant as i have to unlock a new level that is really far away. why can't you choose what area of the launguage you learn?

October 17, 2017



That's the purpose I guess like a game, you have to advance to unlock levels.


The structure of the system. I don't like some of it, especially learning animals as one of the first things. i don't find that vocab entirely useful.


Right now, the way Duolingo is structured, it is not built for unlocking the skills in random order. The reason for that is that each skill is dependent on the student knowing everything that was taught up to that point.

However, if a student is completely familiar with the content of skills 1-19 but just doesn't want to go through each skill, they could take shortcuts and unlock up to that skill in a few minutes, by taking testing out at a checkpoint or taking a skill test. That's a way you could get them into the appropriate place if they didn't take a placement test when they first started.



If you are further ahead in the language than the basics you could try testing out of a few skills in order to reach the skill you need quicker.


Duolingo is aimed at first time learners of a language. If you already speak a language, DL won't be of much help. Having said that, I hope there's a rational behind the structures of the lessons, allowing you to learn as quickly as possible. All I can say is skip through the first lessons as quickly as you can, there are shortcut buttons for each group of lessons.

When I learned ancient Greek in highschool, we started with the nouns, pronouns, etc. The next year we'd do the verbs. But after a year we (i.e. my family, my parents) moved to another city, I went to another school, where they had done the verbs, and were now starting the nouns etc. I never caught up, I had a very low grade for Greek at my final exams. Why am I saying this? Oh well...


thank you all for helping out :-)

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