I have a long streak, & vacation without internet coming up. Is there anyway NOT to lose streak

October 17, 2017


The only way I know of is to have a friend or family member do duo lingo for you every day. But geez, that's not fun! Sorry about that!

ouch! gosh that is kinda bad. ya well you could have someone by a streak for you each day

Try if possible to get to an Internet cafe just do ten points, buy streak freeze and monitor. Just came back from a sailing boat in the Greek islands with no WiFi. Also if possible ask your travel companions if they have a hot spot. An American friend of ours had unlimited WiFi with her phone service provider and gave us enough time to keep our streak. I know how important it is. I managed to keep my 1031 day streak . Good luck!

If you had internet, you could get streak freeze every day, but otherwise, nope, srry.

Are you going somewhere where smartphones don't work? Although -from comments I've read - it's best to check the web version. Otherwise, a friend as suggested above. It'a an awesome streak, I can see why you don't want to lose it!

Why not book a vacation spot where actually there IS any internet where you can use a mobile smartphone? :-)

The fastest practice is the "timed practice" on the full website with 1XP set as coach goal (mobile apps only support 10XP++).
Works as quick as buying a streak freeze each day.

Or buy the streak back with real money after you lost it....if your extended account profile information supports it.
This works if streak is set back to 0days and no XP was registered (which would start a new streak).

Please be aware: Not all users may be allowed (eligible) to buy it back on IOS or Android in the lingot store.

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