Anyone know why it wont let me finish a lesson and keeps telling me i need more health to continue?

October 17, 2017


You need to practise skills you've already learnt to gain your health bars back, or wait for them to come back really slowly.

You lose health by getting questions wrong in a new lesson :)

Hi Helen,

Welcome to Duolingo.

Please read in the Duolingo Help Center:


  • If you don't like the "Health system", you can switch to Duolingo's web version
    Login with the same username and password as in the App!
    It also works in the Chrome browser of your phone/tablet, if you have a rather good Wifi or a LTE with an internet bundle.
    Duolingo's web version has a better learning method than the App:
    . mostly "typing the words" instead of mostly "clicking on predefined words"
    . grammar "tips and notes" on the bottom of the lessons page of each skill, that introduces new grammar.

Here are some useful links, to get more familiar with Duolingo:

Good luck.

I start the lesson then half way through it says i need more health to continue and i can buy it for 450 but only have 50, then i lose all my progress

Never buy gems!!!
Please, read my other comment.

Because you're out of health.
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the health system on the iphone is crap and I hate it. It never appeared on my iphone until the crown system a few days ago !!

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