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  5. "Nemáme žízeň."

"Nemáme žízeň."

Translation:We are not thirsty.

October 17, 2017



Again, just curious, although RAD agrees with the subject (ma rad/rada/rado) but "ma hlad" and "ma zizen"--like dalsi, zvlastni, posledni-- remain the same no matter the gender of the subject?


The key difference lies in the fact that both hlad and žízeň are nouns, while rád is just a weird adjective.

A more literal translation would be 'I have thirst/hunger', however, that doesn't quite work in English.


I misunderstood and put "Nemám žízeň" and it counted that as correct. Should it be?


if you ask me, no way. but hq makes these decisions. their "typo" forgiveness is intended to make users happy.

are you?

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