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How to find popular posts without wading through as many sticky posts.

How to find popular posts without wading through as many sticky posts?

First, determine which forum's popular posts you want to look at.

I personally like to start my day by checking the English General forum's popular tab, and then its new tab. Those two places are where official staff update announcements are most likely to appear first. So, I click the forum for that.

Step 1: In your subscription bar on the right of the forums, click the specific forum you want to look at. Step 2: Click the Popular tab. Only the sticky posts for that specific forum will be at the top, followed by the recently popular posts for that forum.

The English General forum, shown in the example only has about 10 sticky posts at the top. So, it's already quite a few. But, it is far fewer than if you'd searched through the popular tab of your Discussion Stream (The collection of all discussions from all forums you are subscribed to.)

Edit If it looks like this, with "Discussion Stream" written in big letters, you're in the wrong place:

It will look like that until you click on a specific forum.

Edit You can pick a different forum besides English General (Doesn't even have to be a General forum at all). If you click Spanish for English speakers, click on it, and it will work for that one. Click for example.


October 17, 2017



That doesn't work if the post is posted in the Duolingo in English subscription.


Can you post a screenshot so I can see what you're looking at? If it looks like this, with "Discussion Stream" written in big letters, you're in the wrong place:


If the post wasn't posted in x language for English speakers and was posted in Duolingo in English, you'd have to still scroll through the lots of stickies though, right? Or am I getting confused?


It works for any forum, so long as you click the specific forum, you only have to wade through posts stickied for that specific forum, and then you will reach that forum's popular tab. I just did this for Spanish for English speakers and there were only 4 stickies at the top, before reaching the most recent popular discussion posts for Spanish.


It worked! Thanks :) I misunderstood at first.


Oh good! I was starting to wonder if I had overlooked something.


Thanks for the communication Usagiboy7! Upvoted for visibility (specifically for newer folks who might want to take a look at here). ^_^


Oh awesome, thanks. I've been still learning some things like that, but there is one thing I've always wanted to know. And that is, how does the Active (Mod) forum work?


DreamOfFlying, it's a trade secret. ;)


Ok, bummer. thanks anyhow :)


English isn't my native langauge, so is trade secret a metaphor I don't know of?

Thank you.


Usually if people are in a business or something and they know something that only people working for their company should know, it is called a trade secret. But, it can also be used casually. In this instance, I used it to mean that since DreamOfFlying is not a moderator, I will not tell them. However, I chose to say it in a way that has more good humor or a genial tone. :)


Yes, I don't know how the forum works but, I do know that it works, because once about a month ago, I thought of a plan to talk to someone on duolingo, while talking off topic. So I went to a discussion way way way down it the discussion list, then I started asking some questions. But it didn't last to long, because El2theK found it and deleted them without me knowing it. (And ofcourse, I got really confused, because my comments were gone, and nobody else could have known about it. lol) But she eventually said what was happening :) and nowб that discussion is strictly for asking a moderator questions :D


Ofcourse, this was before I realised what a blessing Duo is, and how much work people put into it. Now I would never try to do things like that ;)


Thanks Usagiboy! :)


Thanks for posting this Usagiboy7, believe it or not, I was not aware of this before. :)


Is this for Duolingo Plus only? I don't see anything like that anywhere. There is no "subscription" pane in my version.


It shouldn't be, because I don't have Duolingo Plus. Can you send me a screenshot of what yours looks like by chance? Are you going to http://www.duolingo.com/discussion and looking all of the way over to the right?

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