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  5. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


October 17, 2017



D-don't throw in Kanji we weren't taught, please.


The tooltips on the words are not very helpful when they don't point to any of the correct answers.


In addition to the out-of-nowhere kanji, my word bank only had いる, notいます. Duolingo has almost always used -ます form thus far.


I think this is one of the recently added excercises with the last course update. I bet that the informal language actually is brought up in earlier lessons, but we are too far advanced to have benefited from it.


Nothing about this sentence makes sense with anything Duolingo has taight me to date


Yeah, they went informal out of nowhere. It's important to learn, and I get why they wait so long to start teaching informal speech, but it can be very confusing. I actually got this sentence for the first time in the very last lesson in level 5, which really threw me.

Duolingo is great, but if it's your only resource, you're gonna get confused a lot.


恋人はいるの? こいびと は いる の?

恋 = こい = Love 人 = ひと = Person 恋人 = こいびと = Lover/bf/gf https://jisho.org/search/%E6%81%8B%E4%BA%BA

いる is the informal form of います. So you could say 恋人はいますか?

の is similar to か in that it poses a question. https://jisho.org/search/%E3%81%AE On jisho, it is the 6th usage. "6. (at sentence-end, rising tone) indicates question"

Also idk if duolingo accepts it, but yes 彼氏はいますか? should be fine. This is all to the best of my knowledge. Correct me if I am wrong.


It accepts 彼氏はいるの。


Straight to the point duo, I like it


Why do they suddenly give the kanji as option, without ever having showed them? I don't mind, but it's a bit odd


My boyfriend word had no sound


Why is girlfriend the same as "she" (彼女) whilst boyfriend is different from "he" (彼)?


Because she is your girlfriend if you believe enough!

(This is a joke, please no one actually do this.)


They give us the kanji for this... but not for most other stuff that's been around since the first checkpoint. I hope when this comes out of beta, it'll have a lot more kanji usage.


If new words are introduced into a lesson, please introduce them in the first levels with a hearing exercise, a matching exercise, a single recognition exercise AND a phrase translation exercise. Don't just throw a translation exercise in the very last level of this lesson, that's pointless and not helpful


not only new kanji, but it also has no pronunciation sound... great...


彼氏 is pronounced as かれし. I had to look this up when i noticed there was no voice on this word.


The hiragana is now in the tool tip for "boyfriend" along with the kanji, at least for Android. So that is a great new feature. But hopefully the kanji will be updated with sound soon.


Why is it は and not が?


You know that it's a question


Why 彼氏はいますか and not 彼氏をいますか?


What is いるの?


いる is the informal form of the verb "to exist" - you usually find it in its formal form as います.

の is the colloquial form of the question particle か


Audio here has が instead of は

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