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"Praha je v létě plná turistů."

Translation:Prague is full of tourists in the summer.

October 17, 2017



Why not 'In summer Prague is full of tourists'?


This variant was widely reported, and I have added it.


Hello! Praha je v létě plná turistů. May I ask why is it "plná"? What makes it "plná"? (maybe Praha?) Thank you.


Not quite sure if you're asking why it's "plná" and not "plný", "plné" or something else.

Praha is feminine and the adjective must agree with it in gender. Praha je plná, Berlín je plný, Oslo je plné. Just like: Muž je dobrý, žena je dobrá, pivo je dobré.


Thank you for your quick reply. I'm sorry that my question was not clear but yes, that's what I meant! I thought it must agree with "turistů" and then I got confused. Thank you for your help.

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