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Make lingots worth something please

Lingots are worth virtually nothing. Let me buy some skins or avatars or something please, there is virtually no incentive to earn Lingots right now.

October 17, 2017



This is unofficial, but you can buy customized Duo owl avatars from this user for lingots.


The thing is, the you earn Lingots whether you want them or not. So, just ignore them, I guess.


well i guess you should talk to a moderator about that


I have 127 lingots right now. When I like a comment or something of that sort, I give the person who posted the comment a lingot. Or else, I go to my lingot store and use them up that way. I really think that giving them to people who comment is a good idea, though.


I have over 8,000 lingots. I like giving them out to helpful comments and posts. I have yet to get bored of them. :)

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