"Jste hezké holky."

Translation:You are pretty girls.

October 17, 2017



I think - 《nice》 and 《pretty》 are synonims at this situation. Why not?

May 29, 2018


Hezký refers to physical qualities only. 'Nice' does not.

May 29, 2018


My aunt would always say "hezky den" when saying goodbye on the phone - was she meaning, more literally, "have a nice [weather-wise] day" rather than "have an agreeable/pleasant feeling" day? The usage in phrases like "to je hezke mesto" makes sense, but the meaning in "hezky den" confused me - perhaps this isn't as universal of an expression, or just another one of my aunt's quirks...?

September 16, 2018


It is quite common. But these are set phrases, do not examine the details of each word. This sentence here is about girls, not about a day.

September 17, 2018


Why is it hezké holky and not heská holky?

July 2, 2019
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