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"He says that he did not love anyone before me."

Translation:Říká, že přede mnou nikoho nemiloval.

October 17, 2017



Říká, že nemiloval nikoho přede mnou is right in Czech


It is. Why are you telling that? Was some answer of yours not accepted by any chance? Or what is your reason for telling us that?


the correctit sentence I got is "říká, že rád nikoho přede mnou neměl." that's not the same as "nemiloval".


Both milovat and mít rád can be translated as "to love" to English.


I aparently made a mistake in the word order, when I wrote "Rika, ze nemiloval nikoho prede mnou. Is that wrong, and if so, why?


We have quite a few reports for this order but it is strange. Like if you were stressing it was before YOU and not the other woman. But I can hardly imagine to be used this way. It would have to be some very strange situation. Perhaps if the other woman is a lover that came after you and he also told her that he did not love enyone before her... But than it would be past tense "říkal", not "říká". I find it just very strange and cannot decypher what it could mean.

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