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Can i learn to speak good here?

I want to be able to speak russian on a basic level, you know, ask bout the weather say something nice to a friend etc. Will i learn that here?

October 17, 2017



Yes you can speak well here, this is a very good site to learn languages.


You will be able to say very simple things and have a pretty fluent first Russian conversation.


Yes, you can learn a language to the level that you can have a simple conversation. If you want to get fluent, you'll need to find addional resources after finishing DL.


That's all i wanted to hear. Diky moc priteli!


You might get more response if you move this to the Russian forum/topic.


I think it was more broad question as an he learn to speak any language well.


Of corse you ill learn the basics first then different scenarioes to reply to like flirting, idioms, and more fun stuff!


Yes. You will. And maybe more! lol.


You will need to use more than just duolingo you will learn how to read things and understand what they are saying but i still can't communicate well after 6 months of practice but duolingo does make it easier.


Can i learn to speak good here? Answer: according to my personal experience the answer is no... I finished the German course here and when I tried to speak for the first time in German I just forgot how to say "hi". You need to practice your conversation skills with other people. When you try to communicate directly with other person you have to make a big effort to bring the sentences from your mind to your mouth. I recommend you this app www.lingbe.com

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