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  5. "The weather is like that."

"The weather is like that."

Translation:날씨가 그래요.

October 17, 2017



What is the difference between 그렇다 and 그래요? Duolingo only accepts one not the other.


그렇다 is the infinitive or dictionary form (stem 그렇~ ).

그래요 is its final transformation to a present tense, polite level but irregular verb.

The stem can be the words for "this / that / that (over there)" as part of the verbs meaning.

if you are learning from the mobile apps, please go the website and see the "Tips and Notes" for "Polite" speech lessons. For all lessons, knowing those tips makes the lessons easier to understand. Sometimes, I wish I was a sponge, or at least a brain that soaks up these tips not just to store but to understand!


I think 그래요 is the present tense conjugation of 그렇다.


Yep. It's in the tips and notes for this lesson (psst you can find them if you go to duolingo.com on your mobile browser :)


Is the second part of the sentence a contraction?


그렇다 when conjugated informally becomes 그래(요)


so if it is a nagation it will be '그렇지 않아?'


while not grammatically incorrect, the phrase itself is useless in that it is so awkward/no one would ever say this conversationally or otherwise.


It would make sense if you're talking about the weather. E.g. if someone asks "why does it rain so much here?", then "Idk, the weather is like that" would be a very natural response.


maybe if the sentence included a place?

한국에 널싸는 그래요. The weather is like that in Korea.


why is 날씨는 그래요 incorrect?


That sounds fine to me. I would flag it for correction.

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