It would be nice if the owl understood the concept of weekends. It's always so disappointed in me on Mondays. :(

October 17, 2017


LOL. I'm not sure anyone's going to change that, though. DuoLingo says the point of practicing everyday is so you can learn the language properly. So, it doesn't understand, and never will...

It is so easy to keep your streak in the weekend!

  • set your day goal to 10XP
  • repeat one easy lesson in the App (takes only 1-2 minutes)
  • check in whether the XP in the App have synchronized with the servers of Duolingo
  • always keep a "streak freeze" equipped.

I agree but duolingo is probably not going to exept that when havng a steak

Youv'e just gotta practice. Get lingots, save them up, bye a streak freeze.

They should remove streak freeze. It's cheating.

I don't agree.

You really need a "streak freeze" equipped, in case of

What do you mean? Like, on weekends your goal should be doubled because you have more time to practice? That's actually a good idea. Your goal is 20XP per day, but on weekends you should do 40.

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